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16.01 —

"Deportation" video installation

2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2064_rus
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2047
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2033_rus
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2021
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2028_
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA_2042
2017 Vladimir Opara_MMOMA__2035

"avatar's song" video installation

video installation "Avatar's song" ​

"sky line" video installation

painting, assemblage, objects

Red Carriage
German Carriage
So That I Could See the Light
Crossing I
Forgotten Songs
I Know the City Will Be.
Lonely man in construction pit.

photo project

Avatar. Vladimir Opara
Avatar. Olga Adrova
Avatar. German Vinogradov
Avatar. Aleksandr Chapkin
Avatar. Irene Cesar
Avatar. Lusine Petrosyan
Avatar. Mari Sokol
Avatar. Kirill Svetlyakov