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Vladimir Opara. being inspired by the creativity of his great predecessors, - Kandinsky, Malevich, Constructivism, - found his own unique language in painting, using such crude and unusual materials as nails, metal plates, computer circuits, invented his own original technique ("A Carburetor-Boy and His Mom"). It is a question of fundamental painting, aimed to investigate morphology and concept of personal search, the source of meaning not only with the means of finding color combinations, but also with clearly defined means and materials, properly blended. The artist never succumbs to banality. The produced painting-assemblage is endowed with noble poetic sounding and signifies about modern rhythms of life and immerses into the depth of the human soul. In his objects there is matter, solid and sensual, in which almost indistinguishable signs, conjunction of intensifying the chromatic play colors are permeated.

Art critic

Victoria Khan-Magomedovа 

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