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Vladimir Opara. For Vincent. parts 7 and 8
SustainAbility Art

gpoup exhibition
opening 15:00, 18.01.2020


Kunst centrum Haarlem 


Gedempte Oude Gracht 117-121, 2011 GP Haarlem

Vladimir Opara "... paintings for Vincent Van Gogh."
This series consists of 8 paintings, which are a transformation of the same field of sunflowers, a transformation of an informational field. When I saw a burnt field of sunflowers in the Austrian Alps in August 2018, it was a great discovery. For me, it was a contact with Van Gogh's sunflowers. But within a different reality. I took a lot of photos of that sunflower field. Vincent perceived sunflowers as a symbol of life, as a symbol of sun. He understood that beauty of life and death lie near each other. His painting depicting a strong sun and a reaper in the field speaks about this. In our reality today, the point from which we look is different. Now we see a problem with climate change and I show it with my paintings for Vincent. A field of sunflowers, a field of Vincent, burned by sun, killed by sun. We see this as the climate change. But we also see a reflection of Van Gogh's fate, his tragic life. These two facts unite in us, in a single image, beauty, the greatness of beauty and death. I think about it today. It becomes part of my work. Van Gogh helped me withstand difficult times. I had problems with the KGB. At that time, I began to read Van Gogh's letters. I was born 99 years after Vincent and a reflection of my every day I discovered in Vincent's letters. He was my mystical friend. For an exhibition in Haarlem, I propose a painting "... for Vincent". 

"... for Vincent". 
The painting consists of two parts. 
1 part (left) - "... for Vincent" No. 7, 130 X 95, canvas, print, varnish. 
Part 2 (right) - "... for Vincent" No. 8, 130 X 95, canvas, print, varnish. 

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